About Us

Tazzo, a UK brand of non-prescription eyewear for the digital age is based in Surrey in the United Kingdom.  The company was founded by a seasoned entrepreneur and long time wearer of glasses. He founded the brand Tazzo after suffering from severe digital eye strain when using any form of digital device.  After lots of research he discovered blue light blocking glasses but what was available at the time was either ineffective at blocking all the blue light or and sometimes both, extremely ugly in design. 

The concept of blue light blocking glasses is not new. First developed in the 80’s by NASA scientists for their astronauts Tazzo have harnessed the same lens technology to develop their own state of the art eye glasses. They have the ability to improve your sleep and health by filtering out harmful artificial light from digital devices.

Tazzo Blue Light Blocking Glasses have been extensively researched, designed and manufactured specifically to block 100 percent of blue light, particularly the specific wavelengths proven to suppress the body's natural production of melatonin. Their innovative orange coloured lenses filter out blue light on the visible wavelength spectrum that has been proven to disrupt sleep.

The lenses allow all other light to be transmitted, leaving you free to watch TV and use electronic devices without negatively affecting your body clock. You will notice an immediate reduction in digital eye strain when using Tazzo’s with digital devices as well as noticing greatly improved sleep. We're confident you won't find better quality blue light blocking glasses on the market!

We guarantee these specially designed glasses will supercharge your sleep and health by blocking harmful blue light from electronic devices while letting in all other safe light. Wearing these glasses at least an hour before bedtime leaves you free to watch TV and use devices without ruining your sleep. Wear when working on computers or gaming or looking at your phone to stop sore eyes and headaches. Being anti-glare and anti-fatigue they are a comfortable sleep aid that prevents insomnia and other sleep disorders. They have been designed for supreme comfort, even when worn for long periods of time. They can even be worn with contact lenses. Being 100% UV rated means you can also wear them outside during the day without any problems

100% money back guarantee = risk free purchasing

If you are not satisfied with your purchase you can return them within 30 days for a no quibble refund.

Be among the first to experience the incredible results that are possible with Tazzo Blue Light Blocking Glasses. Get a pair for yourself or as they make an ideal gift consider getting a pair for a loved one.

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